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imax Display is one of the largest leading China-based manufacturers of POP displays, portable banner stands, and LED lighting displays. With over 23 years of manufacturing experience (ISO 9001 and SGS COC) and being named a Green Suppliers by Phillips Holland, we have built a reputation as supplier of affordable, high quality display products. Our China facilities, which house in-depth expertise and industry leading technology, feature capabilities including injection molding and metal processing that enable imax Display to provide quality products at unmatched pricing, with superior service and quick delivery. We offer quick shipment from our New Jersey based warehouse, which provides our dealers with the flexibility of drop shipments, rush orders and bulk shipments. Our diverse product line can benefit both dealer networks and larger scale franchise networks.

At imax Display, we pride ourselves in the standard of our product that attracts new customers, and the quality of our service that turns these customers into long-standing business partners. We look forward to growing a long and prosperous relationship with our dealer networks.

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