SignPro 3 Styles
With Lens
With Lens
Street SignPro

Made of durable plastic PE, Street SignPro is an waterproof double sided sign frame with 3 styles: Frame with Lens, Frame without Lens, and Board.  Dustproof and durable sign is all plastic and aluminum and suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising. The signs are double sided to maximize advertising from different directions. 

Street SignPro holds two graphic signs in size of 24” (W) x 36”(H) with thickness up to 4 mil for Frame with Lens and 5 mil for Frame without Lens and Board. It is built with a handle and wheels for easy transport. Its folding design helps to save space when stored away.

Street SignPro Frame lens unique feature helps keeping the poster in place. Street SignPro Frame without lens allows using rigid graphic.  Street SignPro Board is for laminating self-adhesive sticker.

You can simply set up the sign in seconds. This sign is hinged and scissors locked in flat, keeps sign faces upright and stable. No need to fill up with water or sand as it is already constructed with heavy materials.

Use any material inside the aluminum frame. Anti glare overlay of aluminum frame on both sides prevent poster from dirt and damage. Reusable sticky note holds your signage in place. You can change graphics several times without using tape, Velcro or screws. No damage of fastener on posters. No tools are needed for assembly.

Colors: Black and White.

           WITHGT(lb)  PACK SIZE
 WHITE   BLACK  Graphic Size"  View Size"  DESCRIPTION with Packing  W"xH"xD
 SSP110024  SSP120024  24x36  23.23x35.5 Frame with Lens  37  28x47.2x4.33
 SSP210024  SSP220024  24x36  23.23x35.5 Frame without Lens  33   28x47.2x4.33
 SSP310024  SSP320024  24x36  24x36 Board  30   28x47.2x4.33

Please Note: Product is not intended for use in stormy weather, including high winds, rainstorms, extreme heat, freezing temperature or snow storms.