Modular Alphabet & Number with LED

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Ultimate customizable LED advertisement.  All 26 alphabet and 0 to 9 numbers is available for your message. Letters are specially designed as silver plated brass.  Therefore it is resistant to corrosion.  The most significant feature of modular letters is the the LEDS' high lumen output with their 90.000 hrs lifetime.  Injection molded letters are UV filtered and their color will not fade away in direct sunlight exposure. The printed circuit boards are doubled sided and epoxide.  The modular letters are impact modified and riveting method is used to prevent copper strips from being broken off.   
Order the exact letters, number or symbol needed.

Available to order.  All pieces are sold separately.

Letters: A through Z
Numbers: 0 to 9
Symbols: % and &
Other: Spacer & Stopper
Power supply