Tripod X-Kite Banner Stand

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Made of sturdy material, this simple banner takes no effort to carry and assemble. Includes nylon.

P/N: 1006-2362
        Graphic Size: 23.63" x 62.99"
        Material: Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass
        N.W./G.W.: 2.3 lbs/2.5 lbs
        Packing: 11x8x45 

            P/N 1006-Bag - Nylon Bag
            P/N 1006-P - Upper Pole

P/N: 1006-3270
        Graphic Size: 31.50" x 70.87"
        Material: Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass
        N.W./G.W.: 2.8 lbs/3.0 lbs
        Packing: 11x8x47